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by Eddie on August 29, 2009 · 0 comments

in Photography, Sweden

Summertime in Stockholm and the hot-air balloons swarm the skies, typically during sunset.

The summer malaise and doldrums seem to have impeded my postings - but with only a few weeks left in Stockholm, it seemed appropriate to make some last observations on my time here.

One year isn’t enough. One year in any city, town, state, country, just isn’t enough time to make an apt conclusion on the entire experience. I had many of the same inklings when I left D.C. to come here, having lived in the city-proper for only one year — despite growing up within the beltway. The delineation between the suburbs and the city was as stark as the Potomac River separating the two. But now that I’m leaving Sweden, a few weeks or months may have to pass before I can look back and take stock.

A return is definitely in order, if only to replenish my connection to the city.

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